The Małopolska School of Public Administration of the Cracow University of Economics, an inter-faculty unit established in 1997, carries out following activities:

  • educational (post-diploma courses),
  • research, advisory,
  • publishing.

In cooperation with Polish and international partners, it implements application projects aimed to increase the effectiveness of local and central government activities.

The School aims to contribute to the social and economic development of Małopolska, the entire country and European regions through improving the quality of public policies and public administration systems, as well as increasing the competitiveness of local and regional economies.
The School’s strategic areas are as follows:

  • public administration,
  • public management,
  • local and regional governance,
  • public economy,
  • NGOs and social economics.

Through its advisory, research, scientific and educational activities, the School shares its experience and knowledge with public administration entities, public service providers, public and private organizations, NGOs, business environment institutions, and natural persons.

The School’s post-diploma programmers offered on a regular basis:

  • Management in Public Administration,
  • Administration,
  • Management of EU-Financed Projects.

    We also offer programmes in the field of public administration, as well as courses prepared jointly with external institutions.

Benefiting from the knowledge and creativity of its academic community, the School seeks solutions aimed to increase the potential of local, regional and central governments in carrying out their development undertakings. The implemented projects are designed to find innovative solutions for improving and rationalising the activities of the public sector, businesses and other organizations.



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