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Malopolska School of Public Administration Krakow University of Economics (MSAP UEK)



The Malopolska School of Public Administration

The course is recommended both for public administration officials and those who wish to start their career in broadly conceived administration. A key feature of its syllabus is a unique combination of issues in the area of economics, management science, sociology, law and psychology. Such an approach permits the students to acquire knowledge and skills that are crucial in effective and efficient development and implementation of initiatives as well as programmes executed by public-sector units. Graduates of these courses are public officials and specialists in the area of analysing the public sector.

Postgraduate courses in Administration are primarily offered to public administration officials (at central and local levels) who want to improve their professional qualifications and to all those who wish to gain knowledge and skills for work in public administration. The curricula are designed specifically for people who want to improve and broaden their knowledge for entry-level and managerial positions in municipal and registry offices.

This is a post-graduate course offered in conjunction with the International Cultural Centre. Its curriculum includes issues in contemporary theory of heritage, history of culture, law, economics, marketing and management, regional policy, cultural policy and development planning. The course is recommended for: historic monuments conservation agencies, central and local administration officials, staff of museums and cultural institutions, academic staff, teachers and investors.