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Malopolska School of Public Administration Krakow University of Economics (MSAP UEK)



Public administration

MSAP’s primary focus is on the operation of public administration. In this field, we execute research, application, and educational projects that address strategic management, knowledge management, public policies, programme evaluation, mechanisms for coordinating collective action, and collaboration between public administration and third-sector organisations.


Public governance

The development potential of modern states as well as their competitiveness and the quality of life of their citizens, increasingly depend on the quality of public institutions. Good governance is also a source of societal legitimacy for democratic institutions. The axiological and practical ideas of new public management and participatory governance are applied to the analysis of modern management systems in public administration.


Local government

One of MSAP’s key activities is to provide consultancy services, implementation and training support for local and regional government units. We believe that it is the duty of an efficient and effective self-government administration to initiate, support, and carry out activities to improve the residents’ quality of life and promote the economic development of self-governing communities.


Public economy

Public economy research focuses on the role and mechanisms of state influence on economic growth and development in the context of market failure. It deals with factors that influence economic competitiveness, particularly in the areas of innovation and technological progress, and looks at the conditions for implementing effective industrial policy, including the role of creative industries.


Social economy and NGOs

Social economy (social entrepreneurship) is a unique system that aims to achieve social goals via economic means. It is a field of endeavour founded on the principles of solidarity, subsidiarity, and social integration. Its key links are social enterprises, which implement social and professional integration measures, provide social services, and stimulate community activity as part of their business strategies.


MSAP is actively involved in:

  1. Education (postgraduate studies)
  2. Research, implementation and consultancy (e.g. through projects)
  3. Publishing